Why Us?!

Why Choose Us?

dual high-speed camera sensor

A dual high-speed camera sensor and the video and images taken by the sensor are provided as a real-time snapshot. Therefore, the accuracy is more reliable.

image processing technology

The image processing technology is more critical than the sensing performance of cameras. This technology analyzes the club face angle, direction angle of the ball, ball speed, and spins before and after impact. All these shot data are calculated by the algorithm of Impact Vision so that our sensor can realize nine types of ball directions, including fade and draw shots.


You can choose from 50 golf simulator courses. Control the difficulty of the play. You can make many adjustments within the game to match your specific needs. User-friendly to all different types of golfers. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or Pro golfer. There are many options that you have in order to make adjustments.

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